Look and Feel Better

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Look and Feel Better Through Yoga and Healing Touch

If you want to maintain your health, improve your flexibility, increase your strength and achieve peace of mind – Try our personalized Yoga designed around your own individual needs and abilities. If you want to experience pain relief and decreased stress, depression and anxiety – try Abhaya’s Healing Touch. It will improve your mood and the quality of your life.
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Adaptive Yoga

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Yoga to Meet Your Own Needs and Abilities

Adaptive Yoga is a gentle way to assist you into wellness and well-being. It is offered in several forms: chair, standing, floor or restorative. We offer both individual and group classes with sessions held at the client’s home or work place. Please let us know if you have a place you and others would like to practice yoga and we can arrange to set-up a session for the type of class that will meet your needs.
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Classes / Education

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Healing Touch and End-of-Life Nursing Education

Healing Touch Sessions for All Ages – If you are facing stress, illness, injury, surgery, cancer or other distress/disease – Healing Touch will help your body get back in balance with its natural flow of energy. Abhaya uses gentle, light or near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support your body and assist its own healing abilities. Healing Touch Classes for Children – Fun and Exciting Classes to empower children to learn and use Healing Touch for themselves and others. End-of-Life Nursing Education = Nine...
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Our Services

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A List of Services Offered

Adaptive Yoga: Yoga for the Older Person; Yoga for Children Yoga for the Special Child Yoga for Stress Management Restorative Yoga Gentle Yoga, and Chair Yoga Abhaya’s Healing Touch: Healing Touch Sessions for All Ages – Chair and Table; and Healing Touch Classes for Children End-of-Life Nursing Education: Nine Modules of End-of-Life care information for caregivers, nurses, and health care providers.
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  • Yoga and Healing Touch in Action!

    Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch for Animals Healing Touch for Children
  • Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing


    Creating a Sense of Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

    Creating a sense of well-being is one way in which Healing Touch facilitates the healing process. This can occur with one session or after many. It can also lead to a greater awareness of one’s purpose and their connection to others. Well-being is an overarching term that is usually used to convey a sense of peace or happiness with one’s life and health. Some might call it a positive attitude, others describe it as having a sense of meaning in life. Healing Touch works with the energy field that permeates all of...
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    Living Pain Free

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    Living Pain Free the Healing Touch Way

    There are many Healing Touch techniques that are specific for dealing with and reducing or eliminating both acute and chronic pain. Healing Touch can be a supplemental approach to conventional medicine or even an effective tool when other approaches are not successful. Pain takes many forms; it can be extreme, like that from a severe injury or medical procedure; pain can be a warning to your brain that you have extended your body’s limits; or it can be a reminder that you need to take care of some aspect of your life...
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